Danger's Art Pad

Danger's Art Pad

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Come to Big Twin this Weekend and I'll paint stuff for you!

Alright, everybody, it's down to the wire: in just 3 short days, I'll be in Boise to paint your helmets and jackets at Big Twin Motorcycles' Vintage MC show. The helmets and flask you see here are all commissions (sorry, you can't have them) that other smart folks requested that I do. Wanna look as cool as them while tearing down the road or reflecting on your bad decisions with a stainless steel best buddy (preferably not as the same time)? Don't miss your chance to see it happen live and in person! I'll have one or two helmets, some MC related prints and other odds and ends for sale at the show, but I'll have my paints at the ready to customize your gear, be it your gas tank, leathers, lid or leotard.  

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