Danger's Art Pad

Danger's Art Pad

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Late Birthday, Dad!

It was only a couple of weeks late!

More Motorsickle Madness!

Helmets are for sissies, right? No, HOTRODS are for sissies! Just kidding, everyone. Neither of those things is for sissies. I'm just headed up to the print shop to get a batch of prints of this BRAND NEW piece, available for online orders as well as for the show this weekend. The ink is barely dry! You could get a print of this before anyone else in the whole world! Hand-colored versions to follow...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Head Paintings # 13- Angels from Hell!

So I just shipped my motorbike home, where I will meet it in a week for an engine rebuild. This is going to keep it out of commission for about a month. As you can imagine, I miss it already. Now, instead of riding, I get to watch old biker movies to get my fix of two-wheeled mayhem. I planned a painting from watching the 1968 bikesploitation film "Angels from Hell" last summer, and decided now was the time to move forward on it. This little head (that of the main character, Mike, played by Tom Stern) is the center of a larger, vignetted composition which will feature psychedelic lettering and plenty of action. Swastikas, Ankhs, you name it. Keep checking over the next little while as I work on the full painting. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MINDS!

Monday, April 8, 2013

It's time to buy some PRINTS OF DARKNESS!

Alright friends, daddy's got debts all over town and a motorbike that needs fixin', so it's time for an art sale. I've got a pretty good collection of quality Black&White and Hand Colored prints, as well as some originals that I'm ready to get rid of. My stuff will be available for purchase at an open house with a bunch of other great artists in Orem at the end of the month, or anytime if you get in touch with me at hausvondanger@gmail.com. All B&W prints are $9.99, printed color are $13 and hand-colored (which are seriously the Koolest) are $18. I've got such gems as the Misfit, Supercub Chaos, Form over Function and the Honda 450 Black Bomber (plus others) all available in BW or Color. If I've done something else that you want a print of, let me know and I will get it for you.  ( you know you were thinking about how bad you wanted prints of one of those 31 days of Halloween drawings last Fall!) If you are interested in originals of any of my work, let me know and we can talk it out (don't worry, those are going for cheap too! I need some scratch. There are even still a couple of Ghouls-in-the-Dark kicking around!) Everything is available framed as well, for a small additional fee (seriously, like and extra $5-10, depending on the frame). I've got paypal, and I love cash.  Send me an email, come to the open house, and let's get some WEIRD stuff on yer walls! If you buy three or more prints of any variety, I'll even include a hand drawn sketch! 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Head Painting #12- WOMEN

So, as I was trying to decide who to use as reference for tonight's painting, I thought of a deficiency within a deficiency that I have: obviously I'm trying to get better at painting heads, but I have spent relatively little time during these head studies painting female heads, which is a huge disservice to myself as an artist. This is a problem throughout my work. I grew up wanting so badly to draw comic book superheroes, all I ended up learning was how to draw rough, broad-shouldered, scruffy faced Nick Fury types (which I guess is good, because it means I didn't learn how to draw women from comic books. Am I right, Spencer Hawkes?). I need to spend more time rendering females in paint and ink. Tonights attempt comes from a variety of references, with the base gesture coming from an old publicity still of Patricia Neal (WHO IS ADMIRABLE, TALENTED AND GORGEOUS), but this really isn't a portrait of her, though I'd like to do one. I just wanted to get a feel for the generic beautiful, but in control post-war archetypal heroine. I probably won't be switching to female subjects exclusively, but things do need mixing up.