Danger's Art Pad

Danger's Art Pad

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recent Figure Drawings

Here are some recent figure drawings from Bob Barrett's Advanced Life Drawing course that I'm taking right now. The powers that be at BYU, being somewhat puritanical in their perspectives on art and it's study, forbid my professors from using nude models in the figure drawing classes, but they are still very useful courses taught by very competent instructors. Bob Barrett is truly a master of the figure, and it has been really awesome to study under him. The drawings above are at varying stages of completion, and were done in sittings between 40 and 90 minutes in length. ( the sketch second from bottom was a 5 minute pose). I've still got much to learn when it comes to academic figure drawing, but I have learned a ton this semester.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Linocut Bookplates


I've recently learned linocut, and I couldn't be more stoked. The first thing I did was the skull/candle bookplate for my buddy Shaky for his recent birthday. Last week I did the inverted "ASE" bookplate for my personal library. I haven't got any printing ink yet, so I've been using oil paint (on the advice of a fellow illustrator), and it's working really well.  More projects will follow. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Finally, after months of mismatched sidecovers, the flake job on my 78 Honda cb125 is done! I bought the bike last summer as a means of practicing both Kustom painting and street riding, with the goal of getting it painted and then selling it to get something bigger and at least a couple of years older (a 72-76 cb500 would be ideal). The winter here has been very cold and relatively non sickle friendly, but it's starting to warm up, so I decided it was, at long last, time to finish painting it and get it sold so I can get something going for this Spring. All that was left to do were the sidecovers, and I finished them (having filled holes and sprayed my yellow base coat about a month ago) yesterday in the paint booth at work. Between coats on the covers, I painted this helmet for my ladyfriend to wear. We got it a couple of weeks ago at a 2nd hand shop for $10! I sanded it a week or two ago, then painted it all yesterday in the process seen in the photos. It will get some personalized lettering and a good coat of clear at a later date, but it looks pretty good in the sun right now. I've still got a little de-winterizing to do to the bike before it's ready to sell, and I will get some new photos of it up when that time comes. Of course, any interested parties can get in touch with me before that if the Tangerine Terror is a bike they just can't wait to own...