Danger's Art Pad

Danger's Art Pad

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hoppin Honda!

Here's my latest Monster Shirt design. The initial purpose of the piece was as a gift for my good buddy Steve as thanks for his generous help on fixing some issues on my motorsickle. This is why the bike in the design is my favorite of his collection, his 1966 Honda cb450 "Black Bomber". The subsequent purpose of the drawing (with adjusted text and title) will be to screen shirts of the design, Roth studios style. Above you see my process from conception to completion, with the initial inking, reworked final inking, photoshop coloring experimentation (the purple one), and prismacolor/white gouache touchups hand colored and lettered version for Steve (who I guess acquired the moniker "Carburetor" sometime in the 60's). Since the cb450's of the 60's share a main motor block with my own ride, a '72 cl450 Scrambler, it was simple to take the proportion sketch of the cb450 (seen directly above) and convert it into one of my cl450 (seen directly below) for use in deciding what kind of handlebars I wanted to change out for the goofy stock desert racer bars. All inks were done with my trusty #3 sable. I'll be giving the original of the top image (a hand colored print) to Steve this weekend, hoping to win him over enough that he'll help me with the handlebar install. I'll post the adjusted T-shirt design ASAP, at which point anyone interested can get in touch with me to get one. 11"x17" posters with personalized text are also available. 

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  1. Great job on the linework & the coloring Chad... I love seeing a good chrome rendering!