Danger's Art Pad

Danger's Art Pad

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

gott MITT uns

I did this quick ink sketch of Brother Mitt for my friends at the BYU Political Review last week, and the new issue with my (flipped) drawing hit the stands today. I wish I could take credit for the clever captions they included on separate issues (Collect all three: "That's President Romney, Brother", "What? You want me to disclose my tithing settlements too?", and "The Nation's hardest job, and no coffee"!), but those come from the clever staff at the Review. I like the BYUPR anyway, but I think this issue is especially interesting, probing the possibility of an Mormon president (both here as well as in Mali) and the history of Mormons in politics. The plan was for a little more complex illustration, but I just couldn't swing it this time around. I'm glad they were able to use this. Hopefully there will be more collaboration with them soon. Check out the full issue here http://www.byupoliticalreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/January20112.pdf or pick up your own print copy on campus. Praise to the Man who campaigned with Jehova!

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