Danger's Art Pad

Danger's Art Pad

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Uncle Creature

My buddy Shaky recently airbrushed a shirt with a Robert Williams design of a skeleton riding a custom Triumph that I knew I had to have as soon as I saw it. I told him I'd paint him a Creature from the Black Lagoon for a trade, and he went for it. Below are the initial sketch, a more finalized value comp, the line transfer onto the illustration board, and the Creature as he is now, without eyes and needing some touch up on the mouth and in other areas. I'll post the finished painting soon. (Note: for the Horror sticklers out there, the source image isn't actually technically the Creature from the Black Lagoon, but rather Uncle Gilbert from Munsters episode "Love Comes to Mockingbird Heights." The mask worn in the episode is most assuredly one of the Don Post "Calendar Masks" though, which were cast from the same mold as the one used in the original film.)

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